Create a special wall in your home with stunning wall tiles

Posted on May 20, 2021 || News

Indeed, ceramic tiles on walls in places such as the kitchen and the bathroom protect against the inevitable course of water and for most, the practical use of this material is high on the list of priorities when it comes to choices for renovations. The truth is that deciding to renovate spaces in your home should mean that you need to source knowledge about style, fashion and aesthetics and in general, consult the experts.

And because we are the experts, we provide below various suggestions that will help you make the right decision. An important factor to consider is to keep the energy in your home alive through playful elements and combinations of materials that will bring out the child that is hidden within. Antic Pastels from Cevica is a series that M2quare represents in Cyprus, which combines pastel colours through thin ceramic tiles in a unique and “playful” way, enriching your spaces with unparalleled beauty and joy.

A typical question: “Who ate the cookies in the jar?” of course, in the case of the Biscuit series from 41zero42, the cookie is not eatable. The series consists of 6 elegant, geometric and three-dimensional surfaces, which play with light and shadows, adapted perfectly to the design of the space you want to change. Ideal for all rooms in your house, these series tantalise your appetite through a unique set of exquisite colours.

The following triad of options is considered by us to be the ideal choice for your bathroom because of their ability to transform the most used space of the entire house, into a room that offers relaxation and inspiration.

We start with the series “Modulo” by Quintessenza. “Modulo” carries an “authentic” approach and pays tribute to early construction materials such as ceramic bricks. Modern and at the same time sophisticated, the series is a very special choice for your space and comes in a variety of earthy colours.

Continuing with Quintessenza, the series “Alchimia” sees fascinating shapes and patterns, that give your space a retro character, equal to advanced architectural designs that can be found in many projects.

Finally, we kept something from the future. The Futura series of 41zero42 is based on an unquestionably compact design that comes in various soft colours. Its ability to blend in the space you wish to change allows flexibility and personalization always to your taste.

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