our story

A family with over 30 years of experience in the
sanitary ware and flooring sector

the Avraam family has always aimed to provide the highest quality services

Carrying this tradition and experience, the family decided to create M2quare, a company with strategic co-operations and carefully selected associations, in order to satisfy the needs and wants of even the most demanding clients.

We are an exclusive representative of leading companies in mainly Italian floor, sanitary ware, bathroom & kitchen ceramics.

The high level of services and products which they offer have already earned them a distinguished place in their specialty field. The companies which are exclusively represented by M2quare are based in countries with long-standing tradition in ceramics, as well as in sanitary ware of unparalleled quality, durability and innovative design.


market research

Invest in new ideas

M2quare continuously invests in new ideas, upgraded and innovative services as well as products of the highest possible specifications and standards. This has lead the company to become synonymous to luxury, quality and high aesthetics, tending to each of their clients’ individual needs and providing a personalized approach, thus achieving a uniquely wonderful result with each project and ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Apart from the average home-owner, M2quare has been able to acquire collaborations with special categories of customers, such as:

construction companies

hotel units,


interior designers

Whether your project is large or small, M2quare can satisfy your dreams in achieving a unique, personalized end result.

Helping you to envision the materials in your space, M2quare guides you through their inspired exhibition area in Nicosia. A space of high and minimalistic aesthetics, the exhibition area is dedicated to modern, functional design as well as to unparalleled quality, stable values for the design and development of the area, which hosts a unique and rich collection of products.