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The Idea:
From the birth of Brutalism onwards, building materials have lost their purely functional connotation and become a design and architectural style in their own right. The same vision is true of Modulo, the Quintessenza Ceramiche collection inspired by the form and shape of basic construction materials, like bricks. Contemporary and sophisticated, these small format porcelain stoneware tiles are ideal for both residential and retail spaces.

Great expressive potential:
In terms of its material texture and visual appeal, Modulo flirts with the style of perforated bricks Modulo is available in two surface structures, one smooth (Modulo Base) and one ribbed (Modulo Inciso), a formal tribute to the brickwork it is inspired by. The collection is completed by “Tondi” decorative tiles featuring small gloss-glaze buttons that imitate the holes in perforated bricks. The matt surfaces of these tiles absorb light to enhance the purity of the collection’s five colours: classic brick, elegant coal, powder grey, chalk white and an intense moss green.



  • Carbone Base
  • Carbone Inciso
  • Gesso Base
  • Gesso Inciso
  • Mattone Base
  • Mattone Inciso
  • Muschio Base
  • Muschio Inciso
  • Polvere Base
  • Polvere Inciso


  • 5.6x23.2





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  • Carbone Decoro Tondi5.6x23.2 cm
  • Gesso Decoro Tondi5.6x23.2 cm
  • Mattone Decoro Tondi5.6x23.2 cm
  • Muschio Decoro Tondi5.6x23.2 cm
  • Polvere Decoro Tondi5.6x23.2 cm