Terrazzo: Making your house, a canvas

Posted on March 21, 2022 || News

Like everything deeply embedded in any culture around the world, there comes a time when it transcends borders and becomes global. Be it food, like Mexican tacos, music, like rap, or in our case, flooring tiles.

Medley Collection by Ergon

The Venetian terrazzo style was born not as a high-life interior design trend, but out of necessity. Half a century ago, in Venice, Italy, workers in hewing marble realized that a massive quantity scrap marble fragments, the leftovers after the marble tile was produced, was going to waste. Being an industrious folk, they decided to gather the marble scrap, set it in clay, smooth out the rough edges and use the finalized product for their terraces. And just like that, terrazzo was born!

Bathroom design with medley collection ceramics

Here, at M2Quare we keep the tradition of those first workers and honor their work by partnering with companies who elevate terrazzo into a fine art, making every home a canvas.

“Medley”, the tile series introduced by Ergon reimagines the terrazzo patterns and reworks them into amazing, new designs. Combining an abundance of ceramic materials and experimenting with design, the “Medley” collection comprises two concrete variants, Minimal and Tecnica, together with 4 Venetian Terrazzo versions, Classic, Rock, Minimal and Pop.

Kitchen design with Medley collection by Ergon

The collection evokes the design principles of the original composition while evolving to adapt to modern design trends and needs. The result is a fresh breath in terrazzo tiles, with a wide variety of color and design combinations to choose from, a guarantee that you will find one that matches your style and taste!

Medley Collection Terazzo Tiles

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