Interior Design Fall Trends 2020

Posted on October 9, 2020 || News

The transitional course of fashion is mainly based on pillars of traditional styles such as classic, contemporary, futuristic or even a combination of those. The reality is that fashion is a multicomplex phenomenon that reflects the given social “revolution”.

Autumn has just arrived, bringing new trends and styles, many of which we can incorporate in our own personal space, whether that is our home or the office. Our house is our own personal sanctuary that guarantees our primary needs but also serves as the space that helps us to detach from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. It is important to make it inspiring. 

Conceptualising the space that best fits your needs, you always have to keep in mind that your preferable ceramic material need to correlate with the selection of furniture, rugs, pillows and in general the overall decoration you choose, for achieving the “peaceful” coexistence of everything combined. 

What’s the trend for 2021?

The feel of the house or the space we wish to change, could have a warm, Mediterranean approach or follow a “cooler” Scandinavian line. These effects can be achieved though the fantastic series of Brick Design by Emill Ceramica, the Concreto Rust Tiles by Lea Ceramiche, but also through “Bewood” by Euro, the series renowned for their ability to bring the magic of the outdoors, indoors.

In search of renewing your living room, we propose a classic, exposed bricked wall, combined with sufficient natural lights, wood elements, plants and lounge chairs, creating the impression that the interior is the natural extension of the exterior, existing together in harmony.

The bedroom. The only place to relax and charge our “batteries”, follows a minimalistic, Scandinavian philosophy, with large gray areas, wooden furniture and purposed lights, leading into a warm and aesthetic environment that rests the stressful mind.

The extended experience of M2quare but also the tested quality of the products we introduced in the market for projects such as Paul, TGI Fridays and Wagamama Larnaca, gives us the tools to be able to properly consult our clients for choosing the right material for their next project. 

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