How moody should you go? Choosing the right colours for your low-light bedroom

Posted on September 29, 2022 || News

Amid a schedule full of work, appointments, and family commitments, having a pleasant and soothing place to relax and unwind is indispensable.

Believe it or not, setting the right mood in your bedroom comes down to choosing the right colours. From soothing neutrals to lively combinations and relaxing pastels, there are endless choices to choose from — but do they all serve the same purpose?

We hope this won’t disappoint you, but when choosing the right accents for your bedroom, not all colours are created equal. If you’re unsure where to begin, keep reading below to learn more about bedroom colours and textures.

Create a welcoming atmosphere with wood


 If you love to be surrounded by warm and welcoming accents, then there’s nothing better than the natural beauty of wood.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is, without a doubt, the best choice when it comes to a low-light bedroom setting. It’s as elegant as wood but also as durable and stain-resistant as stoneware.  

If you want to bring a sense of cosiness and warmth into your nest, you can pair wooden tiles with natural beige, brown and reddish tones.

Our #M2quare suggestion: Arborea from the Blustyle collection gives warmth and earthiness to a bedroom. It’s available in five different shades  — aura, cloe, danae, talia, and vesta.

 Add a splash of colour


If bright and playful aesthetics make you happy, then why not add a splash of colour to your own retreat?

Vibrant colours offer an elegant edge to every bedroom while adding a modern appeal. Not to mention that expressive colours are especially well-suited to low-light bedrooms that don’t have enough sunlight coming through.  

Our #M2quare suggestion: Orange Splash from the Love tiles collection is an excellent choice for a bold, modern bedroom setting.

Add a vintage touch


There’s something romantic and nostalgic about a vintage bedroom.  

If you like the idea of a charming vibe, then neutrals, off-whites, and pastels are your friend. If you want to add more colour, you can also play with pink or blue shades that have a textured, recycled feel.  

If you want to take it a step further, you can also repurpose old furniture or look for beds with rustic headboards. Wall lamps and table lamps are also welcome.  

Our #M2quare suggestion: The BioRecover collection by Lea is the ideal choice for adding a creative, vintage touch to your bedroom atmosphere.

Go for an industrial style


If you’re looking to bring that moody, industrial vibe to your bedroom, then concrete flooring is all you want.  

Grey and charcoal grey tones blend particularly well in low-light settings to create a peaceful slumber. Pair them with industrial materials like wood and metal, and they won’t fail to create a sophisticated and elegant bedroom ambience.

Our #M2quare suggestion: The Concreto collection by Lea celebrates the aesthetics of industrial space through a contemporary, modern approach.

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