Four reasons why you need a Whirlpool bath at home

Posted on June 24, 2021 || News

Although no special introduction is needed for the fact that having your whirlpool bath at home is the ultimate relaxation tool, following the abundance of daily challenges, we are obliged to state the reasons why you should immediately consider investing in a Whirlpool system for your bathroom. Technically speaking, such a bathtub includes autonomous water jets that release high-pressure water, rejoicing and relaxing the muscles. Whether water or air, the system feeds the jets which are designed to serve one single purpose. Relax your body. These bathtubs tend to have a large water capacity and fit perfectly in bathrooms that relaxation is a top priority. But enough about technicalities and characteristics. Let us see the reasons why you need a whirlpool bath.

A personal spa 24/7

The main benefits of using your spa focus on both body and soul. In addition to the relaxation function, Whirlpool tabs also have a positive effect on health. The combination of the whirlpool with the controlled temperatures relieves the joints and improves the overall circulation of the body. Besides, It is always better to enjoy your spa at home rather than a paid service.

It is not just a dream

Consumer choices in the 21st century are innumerable. Having your own Whirlpool tub is not a distant possibility. The cost of such investment certainly offsets and leaves far behinds, the sums you need for a gym and spa through subscription services.

Size does not matter

Engineering allows the consumer to choose the right size for his own space. Whether you have a bathroom that resembles the ancient Roman Baths, or a small minimal space, there is always an option.

In the privacy of your home or the beauty of the garden?

Whether you want indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours, depending on what you enjoy most. If you enjoy privacy, then the choice is indoors. If you enjoy your garden parties and the beauty of the night summer sky, then you go outdoors. 

At M2quare, you have your options!

For us here at M2quare, quality is our priority. When it comes to whirlpool tubs, our company offers various options that reflect the different, special tastes of our customers. Hafro company is our suggestion for those who want this unique experience.

Bolla Q Infinity is the tub that could be characterised as an indoor pool. Bolla Q Infinity allows you to immerse your entire body, giving you the option to choose the automatic water recycling system from Whirlpool and Whirlpool Systems, while it is also equipped with a water heating and disinfection system.

The same goes for Era Plus, the tub that lets you enjoy moments of relaxation either alone or with friends. The Mode series has an attractive line and optimal dimensions that promote practicality and functionality.

Finally, the Minerva Outdoor is an amazing whirlpool with unique features that take you beyond the limits of a bath to a unique state of relaxation.