Top 3 Design Trends in 2020

Posted on January 27, 2020 || News

Black & White in Bold

Everlasting high contrast black & white can always be found at the very beginning and end of the color spectrum. The dynamic duo boasts boldness through its stark contrast, making this light and dark clash simultaneously classical yet extremely playful.

There are endless possibilities to incorporate the color combo into your home; one of which will allow you to merge two major 2020 trends into one statement piece of work, the Terrazzo.

Terrazzo Terrazzo Terrazzo

Born through the creative spirit of Venician workers who took leftover, odd-shaped marble pieces and used them for flooring, the material was transformed from boring concrete into works of art.

We opened our homes to terrazzo in 2019 with bold flooring, but we are now taking it to the next level by unleashing the black & white splashbacks, entire bathroom suites, and even as a pattern to the walls!

Overall, at the start of this new decade don’t be afraid to push for visual boldness and playfulness.

Playfulness with Patterns

Speaking of playfulness, we land on our 3rd favorite 2020 trend: Patterns. 

From Geometric to retro and from classic to modern, patterns are still in this year. 

Make your kitchen or bathroom stand out with a lively backlash, floor tiles, or a thin-lined wallpaper with a less busy pattern! Let your creativity play with vibrant and bold on the surfaces in your space, but chose to remain true to classic or contemporary styles when it comes to home decors such as throws, pillows, and furniture, as not to overdo it and stay within a fine balance.