The trends in bathroom ceramics for 2021 by M2quare

Posted on February 17, 2021 || News

Whether you want to experience the feel of marble or wood or stone, the look and feel of your bathroom is never a decision to be made in the flick of a moment. There are so many options to choose from. The criteria for choosing the perfect material are many, but the main factors to consider are still the design, quality and aesthetics.

Although ceramics were used as a practical material for the wet area of the bathroom, the evolution and abundance of options is now a matter of fashion. For 2021, the trends in bathroom ceramics undoubtedly dominate in “boutiques” of all respected professionals in the ceramic tiles and sanitary ware industry.

M2quare summits its own boutique and presents three series that follow the trends of 2021.

The love for marble is evident and documented through the exquisite marble series by LOVE. The soft lines and strong vein patterns of the marble offer an unmatching beauty and refined aesthetics in your bathroom, the ideal gift for Valentine’s day.

Sense of Wood
Bio Recover! A fantastic series by Lea, which imitates the “rough” look of recycled wood, a perfect fit in modern spaces that are infused with an aftertaste of the old.

The Timeless Stone
Simplicity is the protagonist in this case and the Milestone series by Emil follows exactly that. That is the simplicity of the natural material and the rich characteristics of the raw stone. Ideal for modern and ZEN space.