Provenza Provoak – the oak-inspired collection providing warmth and charm to any space

Posted on December 8, 2020 || News

Inspired by the dense vein pattern of Oakwood, Provak is the ceramic collection by Provenza that holds the basis for natural and irresistible beauty, a stunning outcome for even the most demanding taste. 

The different ways in which oak can be used to provide the basis of the inspiration for the Provoak style. The exceptional versatility of Provoak by Provenza makes this the ideal ceramic collection for various taste categories. Preferences for either classic or trendy can be accommodated, as the flawless quality and the tailored made design solutions can satisfy most needs. 

The series comes in five district characteristic editions. Rovere Puro, brings out an exquisite attractiveness with timber aesthetics and firm vein patterns that comfort the minimalistic taste. Salvaged natural oak planks are used for the Quercia Recuperate edition, which gives an amplified design push towards a superb surface with a timeless “personality”. The Grigio Spazzolato elevates the outcome through assorted shades of grey which highlight the natural vein patterns of oak, all perfectly blended to promote a silky and soft surface.  Giving a three-dimensional effect, the Bianco Sabbiato edition is perfect for contemporary design projects, while the Nero Bruciato boasts an elegant surface for interior design through the burning effect it imprints on the oak, leaving it with a characteristic dark colour.

The Provoak collection by Provenza is the ideal product that seamlessly blends with your design choices and helps you capitalize on quality material that bring an everlasting charm to your space. 

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