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Uniflair Access Floor

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In cases where you are in need for modular access flooring, M2quare has three options available:

Uniflair Access Floor represents a reliable and efficient choice, significantly reducing management and maintenance costs by optimizing the connection of all infrastructure over time: servers, racks, air conditioning systems, and safety and monitoring solutions.

Uniflair Office Floor and Uniflair Building Floor are Underfloor Air Distribution systems, which provide you with many benefits:

1. Energy saving UFAD reduces energy consumption by over 20% compared to traditional overhead systems thanks to:
• Lower fan pressures required to deliver air in a room
• Warmer supply temperature because air is supplied close to occupants and not from the ceiling
• Efficient supply/return air flows that prevent short cycling of the supply air back to the returns

2. Comfort The increased well-being of office occupants translates to a more productive working environment:
• The natural convective flow activated by the human body heat moves the conditioned air up, pulling CO2 and humidity toward the return plenum
• Unlike overhead systems, UFAD system air is always supplied at a comfortable temperature, without high-speed air jets
• A closer temperature control can be obtained by installing air boosters in separate rooms or in areas exposed to solar radiation

3. Flexibility
• System components are integrated into the modular access floor without the use of ductwork, this way they can be easily moved to accommodate changes in the room layout

4. Increased available space
• The height of each floor can be reduced by 10%; for example, a 40 m high building can have 11 floors instead of 10
• The access floor plenum is not only used for air conditioning but also other infrastructure, like electrical and hydraulic systems 5. Faster construction time
• No need to build dedicated ductwork as the ceiling and floor plenums are used as air ducts
• The system design and construction are faster: 40% of time is saved compared to traditional solutions