Sanitary Ware, Whirlpool Baths




The whirlpool bathtub with a fluid and functional design. Its ergonomic seat allows for a position of absolute relaxation.

The inside design gives the possibility to lay in an extreme relaxing position. Sensual is available in the versions tub only, with sink or side by side to a dedicate bath space.
Corian made and supplied with airpool hydro-massage system, becomes the heart of bathroom where beauty gives a new meaning to the functions, and open new horizons of style, comfort and project.


  • 180 x 100 x 60 H
  • 180 x 80 x 60 H
  • 190 x 100 x 60 H
  • 190 x 120 x 60 H
  • 190 x 80 x 60 H
  • 220 x 120 x 60 H
  • 250 x 120 x 60 H


Faucets: Chrome


In the middle of the room,Wall-corner