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The Karman collection interprets the theme of rebirth through the clever art of recovery. The careful working of monochrome and uniform resin finishing applied to old wood, concrete and ceramic surfaces gives new charm and vitality to the original material which beauty is enhanced with the passing of time. In the Karman collection, color as the essential element able to harmonise the three different materials and to cover the space in an enveloping manner. The design and structure of these ceramic tiles arises from innovative intuition that combines the charm of past years with modern requirements of the most sophisticated architecture.

Karman offers four majolica tiles which, once resin finished, reveal their designs, in alternating high and low elevations. The details also include the vivacious shades of shiny majolica 7.5×30 brick wall tiles, which enhance by contrast the neutral colours of the plain tiles.

The decorations also include concrete-look tiles with round, three-dimensional and monochrome shapes, in 30×30 size, inspired by the suggestive architecture of the 1970s. Available on request the two-tone floor tiles obtained from the combination of warm or cold tones of the Karman ceramics offered in circular formats: the result is a solution of original and dynamic design.



  • Cement Antracite
  • Cement Avorio
  • Cement Cenere
  • Cement Sabbia
  • Ceramic Antracite
  • Ceramic Avorio
  • Ceramic Cenere
  • Ceramic Sabbia
  • Wood Antracite
  • Wood Avorio
  • Wood Cenere
  • Wood Sabbia


  • 120x120
  • 120x240
  • 20x120
  • 30x60
  • 45x90
  • 60x120
  • 60x60
  • 90x90





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  • Ceramic Decorata30x30 cm
  • Listelli Sfalsati30x60 cm
  • Listello Aracione7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Avio7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Bianco Latte7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Fumo7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Ocra7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Petrolio7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Turchese7.5x30 cm
  • Listello Viola7.5x30 cm
  • Mosaic 3x330x30 cm
  • Mosaic Ceramic 3x330x30 cm
  • Muretto Karman30x30 cm
  • Pannel Nuovi Decor cm