Planning your home renovation in a time of crisis (the pros)

Posted on May 14, 2020 || News

With the end of lockdown drawing nearer it is time to start getting back on track; meanwhile, we suggest doing so by making the most out of the time we have on our hands now. It may sound unfathomable but there are some pros in this quarantined situation we find ourselves in around the globe.

If you were planning for (or were in the middle of) a home renovation project when this crisis hit, it’s normal to be frustrated; however, we invite you to look at the flip side of the coin. Lay back, relax and let’s see how you can turn this uncalled for stay-at-home time to your advantage. 

More time for research

Time is the most precious luxury one can be given, and in this case, we may have found ourselves with a bit more of it at home than we had bargained for, so why not turn it to your advantage? Browse through endless catalogs, gaze at inspirational ideas on Pinterest, and gather up materials and ideas. 

Now is the time to have a look at some home designer suggestions, dive into the latest interior trends, discover the niche designers and the intricacies behind their particular collections. Perhaps there is something out there that is a better fit for your home’s unique needs and personality.

Better planning

Our showrooms are now open again, but we are still available only a call and a click away to offer you our services and expertise, and so are our professional partners in the industry. Don’t feel obligated to run around quite yet; instead, take advantage of the stay at home options that are currently in place and contact your providers remotely. 

Once you have done your second phase of thorough research, you can bug your designer with the questions you didn’t know to ask before, or if you wish for specific advice on a certain collection just give us a call or drop us a message. We’ll be more than happy to help you plan your renovation and help you find the right fit for you, be it directly or through our partners.

If there’s anything that our many years in the industry have taught us, is that planning right is half the work.

A closer look

Don’t be surprised if you realize that you suddenly are changing your mind over some initial ideas you may have had about your renovation. Spending a considerable amount of time in your space will give you a higher awareness of its particularities as well as your needs. 

If you’re not spending this time indoors all by yourself, you may find that those beloved people who live under the same roof with you – be it your partner, friend, or children – may have some valuable input about the renovation! After all, they have a different perspective, and now you have time and space to factor that in.

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal you will soon be able to proceed carelessly with your renovation, but with improved and better thought through plans.

Remember, inspiration and insight may be found in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Your home is a canvas, a work of art in the making, that represents the unique vibes that define you. 

Stay positive and stay safe.