(Not) Another brick in the wall

Posted on May 20, 2022 || News

Design ideas to create the perfect wall decor

Picked out the right furniture, painstakingly put together the ideal floor design, went through an arduous process to find the perfect matching baubles to go with the vision of your home. Mentally exhausted but proud, you sit on your brand new couch and stare at an empty, white wall. Then it hits you. Your personal touch is on everything but the walls! The empty, devoid of character walls, feeling scorned and abandoned, are now closing in menacingly. Orchestral music starts playing from thin air, a violin crescendo straight from a Kubrick movie, as you scream, crashed by the walls of your own home.

You wake up sweaty and terrified. “It was just a dream” you whisper to yourself. And then you look at the empty, white wall of your bedroom. “I better take no chances”, you say. “I’m going to decorate my walls with the best décor design tiles ever!”

Wall tiles are all the rage

Did I need to turn the intro to a wall tile selection blog spot into a cheap horror story? No. Did I enjoy doing it? Absolutely yes. Do you know what I enjoy even more? M2quare’s selection of wall tiles to give your home that extra oompf to perfectly compliment your style. Wall tiles are all the rage and artsy wall designs, with mix and match colours and various surfaces and finishes offer a world of possibility and unlimited options! Let’s get started.


Available in both a glossy and matt finishes, “Pigmento” offers décor tiles in 11 different colours that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content! Want to go with a monochromatic pattern with the same finish? “Pigmento” slight colour differentiation makes sure that your wall looks both stylish and artsy. Want to throw in a dash of colour? Go ahead. Want to create a colour pattern? Why wouldn’t you? It’s awesome! The “Pigmento” prides itself on its versatility and adaptability to any design taste. And if you are unsure of what colour palette you should go for, the M2quare experts are always there to help! 


Modulo” is literally “not another brick in the wall”, in the sense that this contemporary and sophisticated collection combines the brick-like appearance with the sturdiness and elegance of porcelain stoneware tiles. An ode to brickwork, “Modulo” is available only on matt finishes -of course- and in five colour combinations: classic brisk, elegant coal, powder grey, chalk white, and a vibrant moss green! A cross between industrial and elegant, “Modulo” tiles look great in any room. 


Create the most amazing environment in your bathroom by utilizing “Hops” collection, a tile line centered on alternating tones and textures, to provide a uniform result that maintains the charm of a time-worn cement surface. The “Hops” collection is available in 6 colors, black, grey, luxury black, luxury grey, luxury white, and white. The perfect compliment to any design taste, adaptable and standing the test of time as a timeless trend. 


A celebration of minimalism and quiet elegance, the “Gessi” collection focuses on the minor details, those discovered upon contact with the tile, a well-kept secret that is revealed through touch. Available in three achromatic colours, Gray, Black, and White, and in two finishes, Natural and Rectified.


A majestic explosion of colours, a celebration of diversity in design, the “Technicolor” collection gives imagination a free rein to create an impressively wide range of wall tile décor, from monochromatic to using every single one of the 20 colors available! Mix and match to your heart’s content, let your creativity run free and create the perfect environment for your home.

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