Make your restroom, the best room

Posted on April 11, 2022 || News

Here, at M2Quare, we pride ourselves on carrying the best collections available for your home, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Gone are the days when the bathroom was just an afterthought; modern design puts it front and center. Here’s our suggestions to enrich your experience and make your restroom, the best room.

Bolla Q – Whirlpool Baths

Immerse yourself in the luxury of a top-of-the-line whirlpool bath by Hafro, Bolla Q. Closer to an indoor mini pool, Bolla Q comes equipped with both Whirlpool and Airpool jet systems and an optional recirculating water system. Treat yourself to the best life and make your bathroom an oasis of relaxation.

Plane – Shower column

Installing standing showers is meant to save space but there is no need to compromise on style! The Plane shower column by Hafro is both the epitome of functionality – by making the most of your available space – and design as it takes a classic idea and repackages it into a modern masterpiece. The shower column has perfectly optimized shower columns, a thermostatic tap, and an ergonomic protrusion for a shower head that guarantees safety and functionality.

Smash -Basins

The green giant from the Marvel Universe isn’t the only with a license to “SMASH!”. Your bathroom can be equally smashing (well, not “killing alien gods” smashing but still) if you are planning to install the ingenious basins by Olympia. A pioneer in sanitary ware, Olympia’s “Smash” line is the perfect shape for a basin and comes in a variety of sizes and colours, to match the design of your bathroom without sacrificing functionality.  Doesn’t come in green though.

Medley – Ceramic flooring

Pure white? Pure black? Ergon throws monochrome to the waste basket and proposes a ceramic flooring that will make your bathroom a work of art. The Medley collection is an abacus of ceramic materials, conceived for architectural design and experimentation. The collection is available in 6 different color variations, together with 4 Venetian Terrazzo versions, Classic, Rock, Minimal and Pop. The collection comes in two concrete variants, Minimal and Technica. The geometrical interweaving evoke the principle of the original Terrazzo compositions, while surpassing it and evolving it towards a new concept in which graphics and colours experiment with new combinations, merging in a higher degree of creative freshness.

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