M2quare contributed in transforming Hobos Restaurant Larnaka into a gastronomical destination

Posted on July 9, 2020 || News

For many, enjoying a good steak is a ceremonial tradition that involves several steps and factors. Primarily, the emphasis is on the quality of the steak, something that can be easily distinguishable either through personal experience or from other party opinions. Pairing the ideal wine with lunch or dinner is also a very important factor, something that is achievable through the help of the qualified staff that services the customers. However, one of the most important factors in the ritual is the atmosphere that exists in the restaurant. 

The main goal of M2quare was to achieve the appropriate atmosphere at Hobos Steak House Larnaka, through the recent refurbishment solutions offered to the restaurant.  For M2quare, first impression counts. It is the determining factor which enables the consumer to choose a restaurant for lunch or dinner. This first impression must be a win at first sight.

The proposal of M2quare follows the philosophy of Hobos, which refers to the achievement of maximum quality in whatever they do, but also giving the utmost attention to detail in relation to what they serve. This philosophy was embedded into our scope of work and the material we chose to use for the visual transformation and aesthetic renovation of the restaurant. 

For the flooring of Hobos In particular, M2quare used Graboplast Plankit for its ability to emit a unique and classical style, that eventually corresponds to the core character of the restaurant.  Due to the protective PUR layer, this particular material is easy to clean and does not need extensive maintenance and waxing. 

The beauty, the natural tones and its ability to artistically blend with any space, were determining factors that directed us to propose Nero Marquina, a modern and sophisticated marble of the “Delight” series by Lea Ceramiche. Nero Marquina which was installed on the walls, backsplash and tabletops and is characterized by its “signature” water lines, but also a luxurious and seductive visual identity. This choice, reveals the aesthetic superiority of Lea Ceramiche and boasts the true advantages of Hobos, considered to be one of the most respected steak houses in the island.