Lea Ceramiche — The contemporary and diverse collection of the Delight marbles

Posted on November 20, 2020 || News

When someone is meant for something great, the result is evident in everything they do. The background of any success story always includes hard work, a very large amount of effort, passion and talent. For Lea Ceramiche, passion provides new paths, effort forges experiences and talent ensures the quality of products and services. The signature design details, the authentic material and the implementation of innovative production methods, give Lea Ceramiche the competitive advantage in the market. 

The ongoing exploration of new ideas led to the creation of fantastic collections that are now part of many houses and spaces of clients who appreciate the undisputed beauty and the timeless aesthetic of Lea Ceramiche products. One of these collections is “Delight”, the series that was created to serve the needs of even the most demanding customers. The series is available for both ceramics and slabs. For the slabs, “Delight” combines the cultivated beauty of marble with high-tech laminated porcelain stoneware, achieving a delicate, luxury material. In relation to ceramics, the series pushes the aesthetic identity into a clean and lean design, suitable for any type of space. “Delight” is available in four distinctive colour selections, Calacatta Oro, Invisible Light, Nero Marquina and Venato Bianco. 

The products by Lea Ceramiche, proudly represent the company in a market where quality, innovative design, range and the ability to adapt to any space, are of upmost importance. The open communication channel between Lea Ceramiche and its clients but also the trust between the company and its people ensures that the road towards the top is without return.