Redesigning? Here are 4 points to keep in mind.

Posted on July 25, 2019 || News

Redesigning your home can be an exciting path, but it can also quickly turn into a stressful experience
We’ve summed up a few key points to help you break down the tasks, get rid of your concerns, and focus on your final vision. 

1)  Planning: Set your budget & draw down your project.

Whether you’re looking to give your entire living space a brand new look, or simply to freshen up a room or two, planning is key to keep everything under control and your vision on point. Set your budget and outline your project. Stay on budget by focusing on what will fill a room rather than rebuilding it. A kitchen can look completely new without knocking down walls. 

2) Inspiration: Find the right materials & elements

Get inspired online. Find out about the latest trends and how they can fit into your own space.

Educate yourself on what is out there; don’t be shy to ask for professional advice from industry experts, or browse through every single catalogue to find the right materials and elements that will bring your vision together.

We’re always here to advise and help you familiarize yourself with the brands, designers, and collections. You can visit the showroom, drop us a message or give us a call whenever you want our help in planning your home’s new look.

3) Communication: Set down goals & a timeline 

Once you have settled on a contractor and/or interior designer, make sure you set a reliable communication system right off the bat. This will eliminate any confusion and misunderstandings during the process. Ask them to lay down a draft timeline, with goals and progress updates, and clarify how often you will be kept in touch for any updates.

4) Preparation: Clean out your space & protect your valuables

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of what you don’t need. This is a great opportunity to declutter and give your new space the attention it deserves by only keeping what you truly want, need, or ties with the fresh new look you will be investing in. 

Once you have this pinned down, remove any furniture, wall hangings, and valuables from the space. Make sure that anything that will remain untouched and cannot be moved away has been covered-up with plastic sheets, and that you have planned in advance for a storage area to protect the belongings you plan on keeping.