Creating the bathroom of your dreams

Posted on November 10, 2022 || News

Creating the bathroom of your dreams

A good soak seems like the perfect way to unwind after a long day, find that much-needed peace of mind, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

In this, the bathroom becomes much more important than any other room in the house; yet it’s often the one that tends to be neglected the most.

If you’ve forgotten to give your bathroom a little love over the past few years, keep reading below. You will discover tips and ideas for designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Add luxury with marble

Timeless and luxurious, marble is always a great choice when it comes to bathroom spaces. 

This beautiful stone can accentuate any contemporary bathroom space by bringing a sense of supremacy and dominance. To create the ideal contrast, you can combine marble with golden hardware, dark-coloured vanity, or even matte accessories. 

If you love the luxurious feel of marble, you can opt for an all-over marble aesthetic that creates an atmosphere that’s as stylish as it is timeless.

Discover the Starlight collection

Starlight is inspired by eight of the rarest and finest natural marbles. The mineral details and intense vein colours contribute to a sophisticated theme that radiates throughout the bathroom. 

Discover the Endless collection

With a longitudinal cut, deep veins, and enchanting colours, the Endless collection is designed to bring timeless luxury to your bathroom. It’s available in 7 different formats. 

Play with colours

When it comes to creating the bathroom of your dreams, colours play an integral role. 

The key here is selecting the right colours for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Introduce warm neutrals to create a bathroom space that feels inviting and clean, or try saturated shades of grey and blue to add dimension.

Discover the Pigmenti collection

Pigmenti, by Ferruccio Laviani, can add new points of view in your bathroom through 12 energising colour schemes — basalt, pelt, lichen, pumice, mauve, ocean, mist, chalk, moss, sunset, harvest, and canyon.

Don’t forget about the decor

Just because the bathroom is a small space, you shouldn’t forget about decoration. In fact, adding a few design elements can really tie the whole space together and bring a sense of completeness.

From rich greenery to well-chosen art pieces and wall hooks, the possibilities are endless. You can also create a spa-like experience with a few simple touches — an aromatic candle, a book, and a reclaimed wood tray will do the trick.

Make it personal

Your bathroom is your personal sanctuary, and its design should tell your story. That doesn’t mean going overboard with accessories, but rather adding a few simple touches here and there to show off who you are. 

From flooring to hardware and decor, don’t be scared to try something different — adding a mirrored tray, experimenting with artwork, and creating a black and white gallery wall are just a few ideas to think about.