Bathtubs vs Showers: What is better for you?

Posted on August 27, 2021 || News

Whether you are deciding the final touches of your home or you are in the process of remodeling, you will undoubtedly come to a point where you need to make a major decision for your bathroom: should you go for a bathtub or a standing shower? If you are finding it hard to make up your mind, our team of experts here at M2Quare have up a guide to help you!


In general, installing a bathtub costs more than installing a standing shower. A bathtub requires more elaborate plumbing work and also takes up much more space than a shower. To set up a simple shower, the only plumbing requirement is a water pipe connected to the single showerhead while the extra cost comes from installing a glass pane (if you have a big enough space for your shower you won’t even need that) and specialised non-slipping tiles (which you might need for a bathtub anyway). Also, in general, showers use less water than bathtubs, thus cutting back in your water bill as well. Adding in the extra cost for the actual bathtub, it soon becomes apparent that installing a shower is fiscally the best choice. If money is your main concern, going with a shower rather than a bathtub is the obvious choice.

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Practicality Vs Design

While there are several design options available for showers (we at M2Quare would LOVE to give you some ideas!) there is definitely far more you can do with a bathtub when it comes to showing off your personal taste and design. From the shape of the bathtub, mixers, and the base, the possibilities and combinations are endless, limited only by your own imagination! If elevating your home’s overall design feel is what you are going for, a bathtub is definitely a better choice. Showers are installed mainly for practicality as they usually take up much less space. A shower can be literally put anywhere while a bathtub needs much more space, especially if it shares design elements with the tiles and other sanitary ware in the bathroom.

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Relax in lux

Consider this as a rule of thumb: showers are for efficiency, bathtubs are for comfort. If you are the type of person who enjoys a long bath, who finds comfort drawing elaborate bath experiences with scented candles and bath bombs, a bathtub is your only choice. Even if you are not into long baths, a bathtub offers a far more relaxing experience than a shower, some quiet time to contemplate life’s mysteries, ease the tension and to reflect on your day. A bathtub additionally offers a variety of other special features, such as a whirlpool or jacuzzi faucets. 

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Infants – Senior citizens

A home is for the whole family, and sometimes families get bigger! If you have an infant in your home, bathing time is crucial and a shower is not fit for small children. Infants should only be bathed in bathtubs as it offers a more controlled environment. On the other hand, bathtubs are not ideal for people of a more advanced age. If you have senior citizens living with you keep in mind that a shower is probably a better option as it limits the risk of injury, compared to a bathtub. So check your needs, plan ahead and determine what is best for you and your loved ones!

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When it comes to maintaining, showers definitely got the upper hand. The only thing that needs cleaning is the showerhead and water pipe and maybe the glass panes, if you installed any. A bathtub on the other hand needs to be scrubbed down regularly, along with any mixers, faucets, and any other special features. 

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Always remember that you don’t have to pick between a shower and a bathtub. Most homes now install both, usually a bathtub in the main bathroom and a shower for the rest. Or if you have enough space, why not go for both in the same bathroom? At M2Quare we are always available to help you with your decision and to incorporate your personal style and touch in decorating your bathroom.

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