April Newsletter

Posted on April 2, 2018 || Newsletter


Granitogres Technic has excellent durability and easy maintenance properties and these are what make this surface ideal for industrial environments. Acids, solvents, oils, cement and chemicals cannot alter its texture or appearance. Strong friction, heavy loads, and continuous pedestrian traffic can neither break nor scratch it.

Granitogres Technic surface is an ideal solution that guarantees high quality results in various sectors of architecture and is suitable for offices, laboratories, commercial kitchens as well as public spaces such as airports, hospitals and shopping centres.

Granitogres Technic is the ideal solution for all industrial environments and laboratories where superior resistance to acids, alkalis and corrosive compounds is essential. It is totally resistant to all chemicals with the exception of hydrofluoric acid which is harmful to all ceramics. It is ideal for pharmaceutical and food industries, which are subject to particular hygiene regulations, making bacteria and mould easily removable.

Granitogres Technic tiles have a completely uniform surface and body. This improves both the performance and the durability of the tiled surface. These tiles are available in three different thicknesses: 8mm, 11.3mm and 14.2mm, and in three sizes ranging from 15x15cm to 30x30cm thus offering the designer of the project total flexibility.