Almar Seafood bar Larnaca – Our Mediterranean Inspiration

Posted on January 21, 2021 || News

Just like many things in life, the sea and water were our inspiration for the ceramic tiles we used at the spectacular “Almar seafood bar” in Larnaca. Key elements of the area such as the sand, the sky and the water, served as the fundamental anchors for our material suggestion for this celebrated restaurant. The ideal positioning of Almar, overlooking the sea and the lively colours that put on a show once the sun rays hit the sea, has been essential for us to draw inspiration and perfectly match our unique products with the exterior and interior of the restaurant.

Having to contribute in this contemporary Mediterranean theme, M2Quare suggested the use of the LEA Waterfall series in Silver colour for the external “dress” of the restaurant and the U-Color brick series by 41zero42 for the interior spaces. In particular, the use of the LEA Waterfall was conceived in order to keep the “flow of water” extended from the sea to the restaurant, as the series is characterised by the irregularities of a waterfall the variations of the colour once the light hits its surface, but also the timeless effect created as water is the element that withstands time. Within the restaurant, the wave effect created by the selection of U-Color by 41zero42, makes you feel like you are in the insights of a ship, carving the waters and setting the mood towards a fantastic gastronomical adventure.

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