2022 Interior Design Trends

Posted on December 28, 2021 || News

As we enter the second year of the global pandemic, home design trends are bound to be affected by strict lockdowns and constant social isolation. People have been spending a lot more time at home and it was inevitable that this would shape next year’s interior design trends.

Tranquil colours, punchier colours

While splashing colours all over the place did wonders for our disposition prior to the pandemic, actually spending time looking at bright-colored walls or floors tends to become a bit tiring. For 2022, beige, grey and even some tones of white are making a comeback, to convey a sense of tranquillity and normality into our lives. That doesn’t mean that bright colours such as red and yellow are out the door. Punchier colors can be strategically used to break the monotony and elevate the room ambiance!

Functional spaces

Open-plan homes were a blessing, as they allowed people to maximize the use of their limited space, as housing became more and more expensive. The lack of walls allowed for multiple rooms combined into a unified space but it is time to take the next step. In 2022, functionality reigns supreme. No more should rooms be separated by different furniture and decorations; instead they should be merged based on each household needs. No use to have a dining area used once every year and not merge that space with the living room that is used every day. Every bit of space needs to be utilized.

Home Office

Work from home was widely employed during the pandemic and many people -even companies- are keeping some form of it after the lockdowns. So, it has become imperative for people to transform a corner of their home into an office. Appropriate furniture, different wall or floor patterns, anything that can be used to make working from home a more pleasant experience should be used. Home offices are a MUST for the coming year(s) as working from home is here to stay.

Indoor garden

Another consequence of long-term isolation was the need to introduce more plants and flowers into the living space so as to not feel completely cut off from nature. Several indoor plants were introduced into homes and despite the lockdown lift people loved the idea of more natural green into their lives. For 2022, interior designers are looking for ways to permanently incorporate this nature element into home design and build spaces around them.

Luxury in the bathroom

While minimalism and functionality is the way to go for home design trends, bathrooms are a whole different story! Luxury fixtures such as jacuzzi bathtubs, marble surfaces with big slabs, or even intricate murals in the walls will be dominating the bathroom design trends for 2022. Bathtubs are also making a comeback, as people now tend to relax and spend more time in the bathroom and they want to do it in style and comfort!


Going hand in hand with the need for functionality and sustainability, upcycling will also be a major trend in 2022 and in years to come. Re-purposing old materials into decorations and even furniture not only showcases our creative spark but is also good for the environment, as those materials would be destined for a landfill, adding to the planet’s crippling pollution problems. Upcycling is actually so much of a trend that even furniture companies such as IKEA are making a turn towards products made from discarded materials.

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